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Top Three Tourist Attractions to See with a Designated Driver Service in British Columbia

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Posted on November 7th, 2018

Designated Driver Service British Columbia

It would be a gross mistake to assume that the role of a designated driver service is restricted to carrying intoxicated folks safely to their residences, as they are also competent enough to serve as your local guide when visiting the various places nearby.

Although any typical designated driver service in British Columbia and other places around the globe is historically known for transporting drunk people safely to their homes, such services are also widely used by tourists to visit the places of interest. You can hire one for exploring the following travel destinations in the lower mainland and the greater Vancouver area as well.


  • BC Sports Hall of Fame

The BC Sports Hall of Fame proudly boasts some of the most memorable moments in the eventful history of sports in British Columbia. It is a magnificent place to visit with your children and features energizing, informative displays and educational exhibits. You will feel the passion and the emotion of the sports stars when you are to walk through time inside the Hall of Fame. A remarkably large number of valuable mementos are showcased throughout the museum that comprises of track shoes, medals, hockey sticks, etc. One can learn about the historic journey of Terry Fox across Canada for raising funds to support cancer research and also the epic Man-in-Motion Rich Hansen tour by visiting this place with the help of a designated driver service in British Columbia.

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  • Chinatown

It is unmistakably the second-largest in the continent of North America and next only to that of San Francisco. The very first immigrants from far-flung China chose to settle here in the mid-nineteenth century during the era of Fraser Gold Rush. One can still find the relics of the past alive in Chinatown that continues to be a ghetto of exotic culture and oriental practices. The place is a true haven for gastronomic foods and is flocked by hundreds and thousands of domestic as well as international visitors every year. The quaint buildings and the roads that surround them are quintessentially Eastern and are a paradigm of Asian architecture. The famous Sam Kee Building happens to be the narrowest commercial structure in the entire world and the CCC or Chinese Cultural Center is acknowledged as an integral component of the community of the Chinese settlers. You can hire a designated driver service in British Columbia to go to this place and after your maiden visit, you are sure to come back for more!

  • Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

This Chinese garden is abundant with profound symbolism, where serenity and beauty are unfolded by the winding corridors, and it is indeed one such place that no photographer can really afford to miss. The People’s Republic of China and Canada collaborated to develop this exquisite garden of the Ming Dynasty and over fifty Chinese artisans were flown to Canada for creating this masterpiece. The garden remains open round the year from 10 AM to 6 PM and kids aged below five are provided with free entry. You can rent a designated driver service in British Columbia to explore this place.

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