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Compelling Reasons to Rent an Emergency Designated Driver in British Columbia

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Posted on November 5th, 2018

A poll comprising two-thousand and five-hundred people conducted by Mainstreet/Postmedia suggested that one in every five individuals in Alberta believes drunk driving is not risky when the distance is short and the road happens to be quiet. The same has been conferred by 18% and 14% of all the respondents in Calgary and Edmonton respectively. However, hiring an emergency designated driver is imperative for responsible alcohol consumption.


Drunk driving is one of the primary causes of road fatalities in Canada. Various past research and scientific studies indicated that a minimum of one-third of the deaths due to alcohol-impaired driving is caused by people in their twenties and the teenagers as well.

With the winter vacations approaching fast, finding safe rides are to become one of the topmost priorities for everyone. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada states that as many as four persons die and another one-hundred and seventy-five receive injuries every day because of drunk driving. Fortunately, this situation is one-hundred percent reversible.

The revellers especially are to require the emergency designated driver services in British Columbia (or wherever they may need) during holiday celebrations and there are a plethora of commercial companies that offer such services. There are some players as well who are even to prepared to send a vehicle that will perfectly match the mood of your event. It is imperative for you to hire such a service before going out for partying, drinking, and making merry with your friends. Always make sure to rent one that is to offer the very best services and ensure that you return home safe and secure.

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You can extensively research the past reviews of all the emergency designated driver services in British Columbia (or wherever you may want) posted online by leveraging the power of the internet and zero in on such a service that serves your location. Consider turning to your personal and professional as well for references and testimonials.

Also, customer service is one such factor that you really cannot afford to ignore, and your potential emergency designated driver services provider in British Columbia (or wherever you may desire) should necessarily provide you with a safe and comfortable experience. Always remember to opt for one that has vast experience in this trade and also knows the inside and out of the business. Your selected company should be operated by skilled and competent employees who possess vast domain knowledge and are adequately trained as well.

Additionally, refrain from the urge of going for the cheapest services available on the market. Quality comes with a price and if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! Analyze the cost-to-benefit ration and choose one that offers you the sweetest deal without stressing your budget. And last but not the least, get familiar with the chauffeurs who work for your emergency designated driver agency in British Columbia (or wherever you may seek) and discuss your expectations and requirements with them.

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