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Emergency Designated Driver In British Columbia To Ensure Safe Ride Home

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Posted on November 29th, 2018

Drunken driving is one of the major causes of people giving their lives on the road and is attributed to a good deal of accidents on the road each year. As per the statistics, one out of three people experiences drunken driving-related incident at least once in their life. Of course, these are mere statistics and the reality of dead members can’t be done justice by these mere figures.

British Columbia boasts of having a great nightlife and lots of good places of curiosities. Not only you have places to see but also you can do lots of good things. Frankly speaking driving under the influence or getting inside with a drunken driver is never an option when it comes to getting home safely. Hence make sure you take the help of designated driver when it comes to reaching home safely. So make sure you call emergency designated drivers in British Columbia the next time you plan to enjoy.

Catch a glimpse at the tips of preventing drunken driving

Frankly speaking, celebration remains incomplete without drinks, but driving car after heavy drinking is not safe.

Designated Driver

A designated driver is the person who doesn’t drink and appears sober at the end of the night. If you are going out with a group of friend and wish to spend the night out, then it is better to hire a designated driver. The emergency designated driver in British Columbia gets behind the wheel and ensure you reach out to your desired destination safely. Please avoid getting behind the wheels no matter how sober you feel.

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Party Time

Often people celebrate parties at home and if you are hosting a party then there are lots of things you can do to prevent issues related to drinking and driving. Make sure you offer plenty of non-alcoholic beverages

The Rising Popularity of Drivers & Events Covered

In addition to bringing you designated driver services for individuals; we also offer special event DD services for events including:

  1. Weddings
  2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  3. Corporate Events
  4. Birthday Parties
  5. Barbecues and More

Weddings: Do you have any special event like a wedding or anniversary celebration? The emergency Designated driver can get your guests home safely. Count on the drivers for getting hooked to party mood and get your home safely.

Corporate: Such services are availed by business houses for corporate events. Here businesses can ensure safety from employees driving drunk.

Call in Service: If you are at a bar, restaurant, event or party and realize you have had too much to drink, simply give a call to the service provider and request a safe ride home.

So, why worry about late night party celebration, when you have emergency Designated Driver In British Columbia at your doorstep.

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