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Places Worthy of Exploring in British Columbia with the Help of a Designated Driver

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Posted on November 8th, 2018

The lower mainland of the Canadian province British Columbia is regarded as heaven on Earth by the nature enthusiasts around the globe and it is pretty much of a standard practice for a vast majority of the tourist to leverage the services of a designated driver for exploring the region.


The nature lovers in Canada and around the world consider the lower mainland region in British Columbia as the last abode of the Gods. It has almost everything that one can ever possibly wish, such as large rivers, aged rainforests, steep canyons, mountain vistas, sandy beaches with scattered logs, and picturesque lakes, to name a few.

Whether you are an international traveller or a local folk who desire to explore the region of the local mainland, it is strongly advised that you should seriously consider to finding a designated driver in British Columbia to make your journey more meaningful, as they are capable of playing the role of your personal travel guide.

Here are the most recommended places in the lower mainland that are worth visiting.

  • Spanish Banks

The Spanish Banks is an excellent place for skim-boarding and strolling at low-tide in the winter when the sand flats happen to go on forever, quite literally, and the adjacent Vancouver gradually becomes a miniature village in front of the beholders, eventually fading far away in the vast infinity above the horizon. Feel free to ask your chauffeur to take your photo while a few eagles roam purposely and feast on the dispersing crabs behind your back. You can even walk almost halfway into the English Bay when the low-tide is below one meter.

Find a designated driver today and get prepared to unravel many of the untold tales of the beautiful British Columbia.

  • Wreck Beach

The totems of the Wreck Beach lagoon await you! Capture the sunset from the surrounding grassy meadow, and wait patiently for the singing photons to resonate like that of a Mozart symphony, when the gathered crowd begins to cheer as soon as the sun starts slipping below the blue. Spending a typical summer day at the beach will take you back to 1969, i.e., the long-gone days of Summer of Love. You may also visit the historic Gun Turrets at the Point Grey beach.

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Remember to find a designated driver before you choose to explore the mysteries of British Columbia.

  • Vancouver Coastline

Vancouver has the longest continuous waterfront pathway in the whole world for rollerblading, biking, and walking. Try biking the twenty-eight kilometre-long entire stretch of the seawall in an entire day. Begin your journey from the foot of the Canada Place building and move around Stanley Park, cross the beach of English Bay, circle around the False Creek inner harbour, and finally make it to the Kits Beach. Continue until you reach the tail of the Spanish Banks main trail for even more sweeping waves, the roaring ocean, and the mountain panoramas while the tides and the cloud formations continue to change and keep surprising you.

Make a point to find a designated driver once you have decided to experience the soulful British Columbia.

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