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Top Places for Angling in British Columbia Where a Designated Driver Can Take You

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Posted on November 7th, 2018

Fishing remains one of the most popular recreational activities in British Columbia, where not just the locals, but residents from other provinces in Canada and even the surrounding US states spend ample time and engage in various angling competitions. If you are not a local resident then it is advised to hire a designated driver to ensure a safe and comfortable ride to the stipulated fishing zones.


British Columbia is known by the name “the province of the lakes” among the Canadians for the blissful abundance of the natural water bodies. With over twenty-five thousand lakes and more than twelve thousand miles of coastline and a perfect weather almost throughout the year, it is an absolute no-brainer why the Canadians and also the neighbouring Americans flock to British Columbia every year to indulge in a number of recreational or fishing challenges.

If you are new to British Columbia then it is strongly suggested to hire a reliable designated driver for ensuring a safe and relaxing journey to the following fishing zones in and around the lower mainland.

  • Fraser Valley

The Fraser river that passes through British Columbia happens to be the longest among the lot. From steelhead and rainbow trout to white sturgeon and five distinct varieties of Pacific salmon, this place is truly a haven for the angling enthusiasts. With awesome camping amenities, you can come here solo, with friends, or with your kids for a perfect summer retreat.

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Do remember to find a reliable designated driver before coming to British Columbia.

  • The Gulf Islands and the Nanaimo Area

Popularly known as the Thrasher Rock among the locals, this place is less than an hour away from the city of Vancouver, provided you board a boat and head towards the fishery for spending some really good time with the Chinook salmons.

  • Capilano River Mouth

This place is situated pretty close to downtown Vancouver and frequently visited by amateur fishing enthusiasts and professional anglers as well to catch a wide variety of salmons.

Make sure to find a reliable designated driver before visiting British Columbia.

  • Alouette Lake near the Maple Ridge

Cosily nested inside the Golden Ears Park and around forty minutes from Vancouver, this fishing hotspot is proximate to the Maple Ridge city and hosts the Kokanee fishery with attractive facilities for family camping and a spacious playground exclusively for the kids.

  • Hicks Lake

Situated inside the Sasquatch Provincial Park and barely forty minutes away from the Harrison tourist hub, this place is famous for a mini golf court, spectacular beaches, rustic camping facilities, canoe rentals, and more especially, the cutthroat trout.

Make a point to find a reliable designated driver before exploring British Columbia.

  • Harrison Lake

From kokanee, mountain whitefish, and sturgeon to peamoth chub, threespine stickleback, and the all-time favourite Chinook salmon, you can instantly spot them all playing in the estuaries and coves. It is a great family travel destination for camping, swimming, hiking, and picnic, and if you have little children they are to love this place for sure.

  • Pitt Lake

Located in Pitt Meadows, it is the second largest lake in the entire lower mainland, and barely forty kilometers away from downtown Vancouver. This place is pretty popular with the local folks who love to spend some real good time brushing their fishing skills with the whitefish, salmon, and trout.

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