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Hire designated driver in British Columbia for a safe drive back home

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Posted on January 9th, 2019

Birthday parties, New Year and Christmas bash, a simple weekend gathering with friends, a promotion party with colleagues or a wedding reception etc. the list is too long when it comes to occasions worth celebrating with friends and family. No merriment is complete without a few drinks, and we all know how it can get a bit out of hand sometimes. The question that stands in such a situation is how to drive back home in a tipsy state? Should you leave the car and just use public transport? Why contemplate so much when you can hire a safe & reliable designated driver in British Columbia.

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Driving the car in an intoxicated state is a recipe for disaster. It poses the high risk of causing fatal car crashed that might endanger the safety of the passengers and the people on the road. No wonder the authorities have deemed the drunk being unfit to drive a car. In these situations, what you can do is take help of a designated driver.

These are professional drivers who will drive you to your destination safely. That way you get back home in one piece. The task of a designated driver is to transport you and your car to your house unscathed. It is a very safe and reliable service that ensures your security as well as your vehicles. There are many companies in British Columbia that have started this designated driver program. The drivers hired by them are fully trained professionals. The service charges are also quite reasonable so anyone can hire them.


If you are looking for reasons to hire a reliable designated driver for your next party night, then we have a few for you:


You can fully enjoy the party and even have a few more drinks knowing that you won’t have to drive your way back home. The designated driver will be there to take care of that part. It takes a huge load off your shoulder and allows you to enjoy the party fully.


It is the ultimate way to maintain road safety. If you drive in a drunken state then you not only put yourself at risk but also the passengers with you and the others on the road. Hiring a professional designated driver surely saves a lot of lives. You get back home safely and so does the others.


No one wants a run in with the law, but getting caught while driving intoxicated will get you charged with a DUI. Laws have become pretty stringent these days and you might even end up getting community service, lose your license o0r pay a hefty fine. It can even lead to some jail time, so beware.

So, the next time you are on your way to any get together that involves drinking, make sure that you hire a safe & reliable designated driver in British Columbia to reach home safely after the merriment.

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