Services D.A.D.D

Once the night out on the town gets over and you feel you are not in a position to drive that is where the role of DD service becomes the next best alternative to a taxi. We have created a great resume as a driving alternative to carry folks along with their cars to their desired destination. We accept only those drivers in our company who have a valid license and a clean record. You can get an estimated idea of waiting time and costs by calling our dispatcher. The perfect blend of professionalism and reasonable price makes D.A.D.D. a popular choice for the designated driving service of many home ride service seekers.

Reliable Rides

Reliability scales the performance in adverse condition. Just to ensure the Tick-Tock of the clock doesn’t bore you, we try our level best to get a driver to you as fast as possible. If in the event our estimated time doesn’t match your schedule, we will contact, on your behalf, a reliable company in the industry to pick you up. Our commitment to your safety is our success mantra. Call Us Anytime!

Affordable PRICING

We work at a really affordable rate. If you can spend so much on drinks why not spends some more for the assurance that you reach home on time? Check out our attractive tariff chart and book your service today.

Our Drivers

We hire drivers only if they succeed to clear the strict screening process conducted by us. We respect the laws, so we adhere to the traffic rules without compromising the safety of the vehicle and the owner. Just in case you find drive home service essence, call us so that one of our designated drivers take you home safe and sound. Call D.A.D.D. — Surrey’s leading designated driver service.

Terms and Conditions

If we are unable to pick you and your car up in a timely manner due to the number of calls in busy periods, this pushes the services toward subcontracting. We don’t guarantee whether the third party has similar policies as of ours. We take no responsibility for the damages suffered from resulting incident if a subcontractor drives you home.